Sunday, 2 October 2011

Hot, hot, hot and back to school!

The leaves on the trees have been turning and falling for a couple of weeks now - seemed very early this year.  To add to the confusion this week has seen temperatures in the south-east of England soar to 29 degrees celsius.  It's October for goodness' sake!  On the plus side it has given me some sunny weather to get out and cut down the widlflower meadow in the garden and to have a general tidy-up.  Still, I'm looking forward to autumn-proper when I can see the structure of the trees laid bare and the birds jumping about within the branches.  Leaves really do get in the way when you are trying to spot long-tailed tits...

I'm two weeks into my 2nd year at college. I'm excited to be back but also feeling quite a bit of pressure to do as well as last year. We hada very exciting and inspiring lecture last week and so I feel ready to dive head first in to the world of landscape ecology and mega-fauna!  But my part-time work is pretty hectic as well so it's fair to say I am not feeling very relaxed at the moment. Our first piece of formative work is due in a couple of days. We're doing a short presentation on fen habitats and looking at why they are declining and how and why they are protected.  Fortunately we can use our trip to Redgrave and Lopham Fen back in August as an example.

On Tuesday this week I'm off to a meeting at Hanningfield Reservoir to discuss how I can get involved with writing their Living Landscape document.

Anyway, more to follow soon on what I'm getting up to in and out of college - pertaining to nature, naturally!

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