Wednesday, 2 March 2011

2011 Update

It has been some time since my last update which perhaps gives an indication of how absorbed in my studies I have become!  Having to maintain a journal of all my volunteer experience has meant that my commitment to my little blog has slipped somewhat.  I am here to make amends!

Since September I have continued to volunteer at Langdon Reserve and through the Autumn we were predominantly occupied with coppicing about an acre of woodland along the top of the meadow.  We had our annual day with Butterfly Conservation out in force to help us clear scrub on the top meadow.  This is part of an ongoing attempt to create a more suitable habitat for butterflies but in particular to attract the Grizzled Skipper (Pyrgus malvae).  The work party report can be viewed here I have also been lending a hand to the Education Officer; helped out with a school visit to the Haven Museum on the reserve and also the pre-schoolers' Caterpillar Club.  Both highly enlightening!

Our recently coppiced hazel stool

Our lovely new section of hedge
At college I have been involved in some hazel coppicing and hedgelaying.  The good news is that all the assignments and exams have been passed to date and I am really enjoying learning again.  We have a few visits planned over next couple of weeks to an RSPB site and also to Tollesbury Wick.  An update on that to follow...

In other news...I have upgraded my camera so hopefully I will be able to post some really nice pictures in future bloggings.  Also, for an assignment I am keeping a natural history diary so I will attempt to post some of those sketches etc once I get started (and yes, I should have started it by now!!).


  1. Hi Nic, thanks for following my blog. Its nice to see you studying for a career in conservation.

    I hope you dont mind, but I see you have a couple of insects mis-labelled -

    Small White is Green veined White (green veins visible on hind wing)
    Broom Moth is one of the Copper Underwing species ( possibly Svenssons CU)(patterning very distinctive)
    Beautiful Golden y is Silver Y in both cases.(the Y on the wing in BGY is seperated. It is actually a dot and a V)

    Regards Stewart.

  2. Hi Stewart - thanks for these and for following! I think actually I need a better ID than I have and more practice. Will amend my captions. Cheers!