Monday, 27 September 2010

Work at Langdon Reserve - September

A couple of work parties at the end of August and beginning of September:  in August we cleared lots of scrub to clear a path towards the railway line so that a tree survey could be undertaken.  We spent the morning clearing bramble and blackthorn and small trees and reached a boundary fence much closer to the reserve than we anticipated, which meant that the trees overhanging the railway line were the responsibility of the railway company and not the council/wildlife trust.

The following day Joel and I took a walk round the reserve visiting the site of the work and of some of the things we had discovered.

Unidentified fungus

Unidentified skull

Unidentified skull
Just some of the area we cleared in a morning!

[Polygonia c-album]

Green-Veined White
[Pieris napi]

Views from Langdon Reserve

Views from Langdon Reserve

The following week in our work party we started to lay a hedge alongside the lake. We did this by thinning out the trees, and selecting the straightest trunk from one or two trees either side of the designated fence line. We then trimmed off all the excess branches and used an axe to cut away one side of the trunk to allow it to be bent over without snapping. This allows it to be part of the hedgerow and carry on growing and keep the fenceline alive.

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