Monday, 5 July 2010

Kissing Gates and other things

The last 3 weekends spent at Langdon involved some clearing back overgrown paths and finishing fencing and kissing gates.  The weather has been ridiculously warm as well which means that digging holes has been very hot work.  The meadow was considerably more grown than in previous weeks and at last the grazing cattle has arrived.  10 young cows are now resident in the meadow: 5 steers and 5 x.  After finishing the kissing gate I went to meet them.  I found all of them together resting in the shade of a small oak tree.  They have all been hand fed so they are relatively relaxed around people.

Spotted a few types of minibeasts at the reserve and at home in the garden:

  • buff-tailed bumblebee [Bombus terrestris]

  • oak bush-cricket [Meconema thalassinum]

  • ringlet butterfly [Aphantopus hyperantus]


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